I'm sure most of you have been prank called before. 90% of the time, you will never find out who is bored and creepy enough to call you up with no number at odd hours of the night. Occasionally, these practical jokers choose my friends and I as victims of their utter stupidity. You would think that these stalkers would have something better to do then spend their free valuable time and airtime making calls to innocent listeners. They call, we answer, they don't say a word, we get agitated and slam the phone down. After 5 minutes, the same thing happens again. This time there are curse-words involved. This doesnt seem to bother our dear prank caller at all. They have the safety and security of never being caught out, as they have activated the 'hidden identity' option on their phone. So sadly, you may never find out who woke you up from your sleep at 3 in the morning, ringing you up 55 times in a row, with nothing to say.

Being a 'good' stalker means that your identity should never be revealed. That's why people hide their phone numbers when making prank calls. However, there are some strange people out there that are really dim or just haven't moved with the technologically advancing times. They have somehow missed the memo from Phone Stalkers Inc, that every cellphone they call will display their Caller ID unless they hide it, and most landlines these days provide the same service. 

Last week, a number I didn't recognise called me. I answered, thinking it was the bank or the usual annoying phone salesperson. But even they're smart enough to call from a private number. "Hello" No answer. "Hello....Hello?" Still no reply, but I could hear shuffling in the background. Again I asked, "Hello? Is there anybody there?" Clearly there was, as I could hear muffled whispering. Tired of playing this prankster's game, I put the phone down. A few minutes later, as predicted, the same number called again. This time, I was prepared. I answered, "Hello" No reply. "Hello? Hey, is there anybody there?" Silence still. So I smugly said, "By the way, I can see your phone number. You've forgotten to hide it." A voice from the other side of the line..."Uh OH!" and Slam...engaged tone. I would have called the number back, but that would render me as bored and bizarre as they are. I have not had a prank call since :) 


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