February is Birthday Month, and (hopefully) that means that there will be exciting presents in store. There are 3 different types of presents: The gifts we spend the whole year wishing for, the gifts that we get in reality and finally, the gifts that we'd rather 'return to sender'. Still, you have to smile, say thanks and pretend you like it anyway, secretly wondering whether the tag is still on, so that you can return it to the store. I find that the simplest presents are always the best & most thoughtful, but there's no harm in making a Birthday Wish List, right?

This is my Birthday Wish List for 2011

  • A weekend getaway to a luxury spa resort

  • A Louis Vuitton bag or 2

  • A perfectly straight smile worthy of a Colgate advertisement

  • The entire charming collection from beauty brand Benefit

  • A Ragdoll. It's actually a cat

  • A Carrie Bradshaw inspired walk-in closet

  • A year's subscription to all local and international fashion magazines

  • The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Now that's Wishful Thinking.

The Presents I Hope I Don't Receive

  • Birthday cards. Besides not being sentimental, have you seen the price tag on some birthday cards? Instead of buying a R50 piece of cardboard, please donate the money to Save the Trees Foundation

  • Teddy bears or any stuffed toys. Do I really look 3 years old?

  • Anything made from exotic animal hide. I am a serious supporter of Animal Anti-Cruelty campaigns

  • Novelty gifts - that means anything from Cardies. Like weird balloons, boxes, badges, ornaments, frames and t-shirts with silly sayings on them.

  • Gold & Silver jewellery. Believe or not, I really dislike precious metal jewellery. I may be the only girl in the world who does.

  • Anything in polka dots. Serious phobia. Don't laugh

  • Crocs - Tractors for your feet. Enough said.

  • Flowers. They barely last a week and look best in a garden.

Happy Birthday to everyone also celebrating their birthday in February. 
May it be present-ly surprising!


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