Late one evening this week, I realized that my fringe had grown too long and was annoyingly getting in my eyes all the time. I needed a trim. Any sane person would have waited for the next morning to call their hairstylist and make an appointment for this. Not me. I couldn't wait that long. The 'bee in a bonnet' in me wanted it cut right then. So, I wet my hair, and stared apprehensively into a badly lit mirror with a pair of scissors; which I am sure was not appropriate for cutting hair. I hesitated for a few minutes, thinking, "Should I, shouldn't I?" My impulsive nature got the better of me and...Snip! Uh oh - I really shouldn't have.

After the first cut, I found out that the scissors was so blunt, it couldn't even cut paper. But by then I had already chopped off the right half my once-wonderful hair. I had no choice but to finish off the dreadful mess I so stupidly started. When I was done trimming my entire fringe, I didn't have to dry it to see that it was far too short. Like sticking-out-in-the-middle-of-my-forehead-like-a-cockatoo short. And crooked. As I said before 'Any sane person would've went to a hairdresser....'

So for next time, if there is a next time, I asked an expert about the 'proper' method of cutting your own fringe. Ideally, it should be done by a professional, but if you are courageous (or crazy) enough to undertake such a mission, here are a few simple steps to guide you.

How to cut your own fringe

You will need:

A sharp scissors made especially for cutting hair
A styling comb
A brightly lit mirror
A steady hand
Some nerve

Step One: Always start with dry, straightened hair. It's easy to overestimate the length of wet hair as it stretches when it's weighed down.
Step Two: Use the comb to separate the rest of your hair from the section you want to trim. Pick a point on top of your head where you would like your fringe to start. The further back you go, the heavier the fringe. Section off a wedge shape of hair, using the ends of your eyebrows as a guide. 
Step Three: It is still not too late to back out.
Step Four: Pull your hair down and hold it taut with your middle and index fingers. Hold your scissors with the ends pointing up, perpendicular to the line of your fringe.
Step Five: Cut! Slowly and only a small bit at a time, from one side to the other. You can always go back and trim more off later if necessary.
Step Six: Flaunt your new fringe!

With this guide, you will now be able to cut your own fringe. Either successfully or not. If not, just remember that your hair will grow back. Until then, arm yourself with lots of hair clips, alice bands and industrial strength hair gel to keep the short spikes at bay. Unfortunately, you cant stick your hair back, as you might end up looking like that scary girl from The Grudge.
Note to Self: I will not cut my own fringe again. Or at least until this disaster grows out.


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