Rendez-Vous Collection 2011

by Roger Vivier

Rendez-Vous is an opulent collection of couture accessories from French fashion-house Roger Vivier. This high-fashion brand specializes in luxury handbags and exquisitely crafted leather shoes, headed by creative director, Bruno Frisoni. The limited edition Rendez-Vous Collection will be showcased around the world at Vivier's seven boutiques, traveling from Milan to Miami. These high-end items will only be available at each store for just one week, at a specified date. Only ten to twenty pieces of each accessory has been made. Exclusive and expensive - these shoes range from $995 to $10 300 and bags from $1275 to $8600.

Spring Collection 2011

The Spring Collection is inspired by mid-century French art, and made from natural materials like wood, woven straw, cord, leather and tea-stained canvas. The silk organza, beads, wooden petals, organic lace, roses and hand-painted effects add dimension and whimsicality to these spectacular designs.

Fall Collection 2011

The Fall Collection exudes pure luxury in elaborate black and gold designs. Inspired by refined Rock 'n Roll with a 1930's twist, this fierce range features stilettos adorned with gold chainmail, beads, feathers and sequins. For more of these stunning shoes and accessories, visit


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