Happy Halloween to everyone celebrating in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, in South Africa, we don't celebrate the holiday, although, you do get the odd few people who up dress in the spirit of Halloween everyday. I always thought that Halloween must be the most fun holiday of them all. It's the only chance you get to dress in costume as your favourite fantasy character, without anyone alerting the local mental society - that would happen in my neighborhood if anyone saw me prancing around at night like a pirate on October 31st.

If we had Halloween this year, I'd find these costumes the most interesting:

*Angelica (Penelope Cruz) from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides'. The sword, albeit plastic, adds to the authenticity of this sassy, swashbuckling look. And it will help fend off any ghouls, ghosts, zombies or Captain Barbossa ;)
*Katy Perry's 80's nerd-to-disco-diva makeover look from her music video 'Last Friday Night'. Think of it this way, you get to wear not one, but two crazy outfits! On the other hand, people may make fun of you because they think you actually dress that way. Uh Oh.
*Anna Wintour - because every fashionista should go as her at least once in their lives. All you will need is a printed Prada/Balenciaga/YSL dress ($3000), dark shades ($250), a chic bob ($350), a pair of Manolo Blahniks ($735) and an austere presence (priceless).

One of the most popular costumes that people opt to wear on Halloween are those belonging to Disney Princesses. There are so many to choose from, but with one ballgown looking just like any other, how does one tell the difference?

*Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' - Without the tail and an ocean beside her, this outfit could be confused for a belly dancer's...or much worse.

*Snow White - Walking around with an apple in your hand, you could be mistaken for an hors d'oeuvre waitress. On the upside, you could have your own entourage by hiring a few school kids to play the seven dwarfs.

*Tinkerbell - it could be assumed that you're dressed as a gigantic butterfly.

*Cinderella - it would be just another blue dress if not for those glass slippers - however the one shoe on, one shoe off will have you walking with a limp.

*Princess Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty', there's no way to tell just from wearing a pink dress that this is an actual Disney princess. You will probably have to find a couch and fall off to sleep to make this look believable.

*Pocahontas - In SA, if you showed up at someone's door wearing a tattered dress and no shoes, you will be mistaken for a homeless person and sent chased away, maybe with some change if you're lucky.

*Princess Jasmine from 'Aladdin' - If you are planning on going the harem-pants and cropped top route, please read my post on 'What Not to Wear Ever' first.

*Belle from 'Beauty & the Beast'. The only way you could tell this colossal yellow dress belongs to Belle if you are accompanied by someone dressed as 'The Beast' (good luck finding a candidate) or if you carry the Mrs Potts & Chip tea set around with you. Expect to be asked for a 'spot of tea'.

I would probably chose either Snow White or Aurora. Would you wear any of these Disney-inspired looks? Whatever you chose to go as this Halloween, even a t-shirt and jeans + sombre looking Bella Swan, have a great one!

P.S No Disney characters were harmed during the publishing of this post.


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