I realize that is has been a really long time since I last posted.
I have been so consumed with all the little things,
so blogging has suffered. sorry!

I has been a month already and my little boy has turned 6!!
He really wanted a Lego themed party.
My mom is the crafty one.
She made this banner that we hung in our dining room:

Lego crown for the birthday boy:

{can you tell he loves wearing it?}

I made some chocolate legos out of a mold
I got from Bake it Pretty.

My mom used some duple blocks to make a
utensil holder.

My husband made some lego man templates for me
and I made the boys some t-shirts
with the transfer printer paper:

Lego cake...credit goes to my mom again!
{I just can't do cakes}

{cake stand made with Lego duple blocks}

I also used mason jars filled with small lego bricks
at the kids party. I used them as balloon weights, forgot to take
a picture.

My 6 year old boy:


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